Train and develop employees efficiently.

The success of your company depends to a large extent on the knowledge and methodological skills of your employees.

Within the framework of public seminars, we convey the basics of purchasing, logistics and supply chain management to a broad target audience on behalf of well-known seminar providers. In doing so, we bring the latest knowledge and approaches as well as experience from projects and foreign industries into the trainings.

Your benefit: You will receive a practice-oriented, tried and tested basic training with case studies and solution approaches. You will establish contacts with other seminar participants and companies from other industries. You will discuss issues from your company and receive initial suggestions and ideas for solutions. Information on our current seminars can be found below.

You want an individual training tailored to your company? No problem.

In addition to public seminars, we also offer the design and implementation of customized training courses.

Your benefit: The content is specifically tailored to the needs and processes of your company. We have the time and space to discuss your questions and project tasks specifically and to develop concrete solutions. The starting point for a training course is therefore often a project initiation or the targeted qualification of a future project team.

  • From classic purchasing to successful Supply Chain Management

  • SCM-Systems - Planning and Controlling the Supply Chain from a purchasing perspective

  • Outsourcing of Logistics Services

  • IT Contract Management - from change management to support contracts

  • SAP S5/HANA - New user concepts improve productivity

  • Processmanagement - Visualize and Design processes

  • Master Data Management - Reliably Mapping Integrated Processes in ERP