Sales and service management

Customer Experience (the customer experience) along the customer interface has overtaken price and product as the key differentiator of the corporate brand. Customers have recognized that their partners and suppliers have demonstrated an outstanding level of care and empathy in difficult times, which has led them to place a higher value on the "customer experience".

Experts recommend that companies focus on increasing their customer value along the entire value chain in sales and service. The foundation here is operational excellence, from the recording and analysis of customer needs (analog and digital), the individual adaptation of the service offering that clearly addresses customer benefits, to an after-sales service that stands for itself as a service and not just purely supports the product.

  • Design and roll out seamless processes across all customer-facing transactions
  • Creation of a 360 degree view of the customer with corresponding data analytics
  • Implementation of an integrated, well-structured multi-channel approach
  • Development of new services along the product life cycle
  • Development of new digital business models based on sales and service data
  • Setting up and implementing a lean transformation in the company
  • Training and coaching of middle and lower management in leadership with numbers
  • Performance improvement in value-adding processes in sales and service operations
  • Effective integration of sales and service processes with the supply chain and controlling, avoidance of organizational silos
  • Synchronization of pricing strategy with supply chain and service performance
  • Transformation of existing ERP systems into new cloud applications (e.g.: SAP R3 to SAP S/4 HANA)
  • Implementation of new efficient sales and service applications (CRM, Field Service Management, Customer Portals, etc.)
  • Increased integration and further development of e-commerce solutions
  • Design and roll out of self-service applications with further IoT integration
  • Training and coaching of employees on the efficient use of digital technologies
  • Field Service Management
  • Service strategy development
  • Realizing digitization approaches in service