Project & Change Management

Particularly in difficult economic times, it is important for all companies to intelligently reduce costs and tied-up capital. On the other hand, economic highs should also be used for such optimization in order to be best prepared for a possible downturn afterwards.

With our Supply Chain Performance Management consulting approach, we first analyze the profitability of the value chain (supply chain) together with you and identify the cost and capital drivers in your distribution, production and procurement. Our methodological foundation here is a combination of classic logistics optimization methods such as inventory analyses (→ Inventory Management), material flow and process analyses with supply chain and lean management methods.

  • Benchmarking
  • Value stream analysis
  • Cost performance analysis
  • Working capital analysis
  • Identification of potentials and derivation of quick wins
  • Setting up project planning (project structure and phase plan) to achieve the potentials
  • Project structure planning (tasks, responsibilities, schedule and project organization)
  • Creation, tracking and evaluation of time, cost and resource planning
  • Development of an overall project management incl. establishment of a project office
  • Coordination and control of project tasks and staff
  • Implementation of project controlling and claim management
  • Elaboration of communication strategies
  • Monitoring during the implementation of measures
  • Coaching, moderation, qualification of employees
  • Resolving resistance to change in the company
  • Value-based adaptation of planning and logistics processes
  • Auditing of the implementation progress
  • Bridging vacancies, especially in the field of operational management
  • Bridging vacancies, especially in the IT management environment
  • Provision of project managers in our fields of activity
  • Individual training in the run-up to SC projects
  • Development and implementation of training concepts for employee qualification