Consumer Goods Industry

The consumer goods industry especially suffers in Germany, but also increasingly in Europe, from two megatrends: stagnating demand due to purchasing behaviour on the one hand and the strong cost competition between market protagonists from Europe and Asia on the other hand. Companies that are orientated towards cyclical behaviour are facing the challenge of reviving stagnating demand through innovative products while, at the same time, elaborating their scope of action through cost savings in the Value Chain.Against this background, Value Chains must be sustainably optimised with the processes “order to cash” and “purchase to pay”, to adapt frequently historically grown structures to the new challenges and to speed up the development of new products “time to market”.Project experiences of admoVa consulting show that the levers to master challenges lie in the hand of companies and entrepreneurs.

  • Analysis of customer and market behavior from different perspectives
  • Establishment of service and value-added solutions for customers
  • Overcoming grown location structures in sales, production and logistics
  • Reduction of internal interfaces
  • Detachment from divisional thinking
  • Supply chain excellence from procurement to delivery to the customer
  • Avoidance of waste in direct and especially indirect areas
  • Cost transparency as a basis for planning, control and intervention
  • Optimization of purchasing and procurement to reduce costs while safeguarding supplies
  • Optimization of the use of simple planning and scheduling tools