Factory structure and factory planning

The development of highly efficient production systems is the basis for the competitiveness of companies in Germany, a high-wage country. Securing the company's future and preserving jobs can only be achieved if plant and production structures can be easily adapted to new market requirements.

admoVa Consulting has developed participative planning services for plant and factory planning as well as for logistics planning, which allow to combine on-site knowledge with external expert knowledge to create sustainable system solutions. Our services range from planning a production unit to taking on complex plant and factory planning tasks. In addition to our own scope of services, we also coordinate and manage all other necessary trades from architectural services to commissioning management.

  • Feasibility studies
  • Site analysis and selection
  • Cost / benefit assessment
  • Target cost management
  • Planning of the plant structure
  • Material flow planning
  • Layout planning
  • Manufacturing Planning
  • Project planning and media planning according to HOAI
  • Factory traffic planning and connection
  • Production and process planning
  • Operational control concepts (PPS, BDE)
  • Production logistics
  • Plant design and materials handling planning - Specifications and requirement specifications
  • Execution planning
  • Management of realization and commissioning
  • Realization planning and realization
  • Project Management
  • Project controlling
  • Success measurement