The time is now: SAP process consulting with admoVa

Many SAP implementation projects and also S/4 HANA migration projects are (unfortunately) primarily focused on system implementation. This results in a focus on the technical implementation of processes, the modernization of the IT infrastructure and its operation.

Accordingly, traditional IT system houses are strongly represented in the IT departments of companies.

This has led to an enormous growth in the number of consultants; however, their technical and methodological knowledge is sometimes weak.

In addition, the huge variety of functions, e.g. in SAP, leads to more and more specialization. IT consultants are focused on modules or functions, and the overview and "end-to-end" process view are lost.

New functionalities do not always lead to efficient, lean and controllable business processes that companies need to achieve competitiveness.

And even within the company, specialist departments can hardly keep track of the variety of possible solutions & restrictions in SAP.

The bridge is missing...

In this area of conflict, we have developed a new form of SAP process consulting.

With our approach we see ourselves as a mediator between IT, business and IT provider. We always keep the requirements of the business in mind, but also the feasibility of the ERP process solution.

We form the business counterpart to the "can't be done in the standard" and translate the business requirements into efficient IT solution concepts.

We represent the management in these projects and ensure the achievement of objectives.

Our team includes experienced management consultants, ERP specialists and, above all, "bridge builders".